Love cannot be taught. But it can be recognized.
Feel the whoosh of truth in A Course of Love.

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It may be astonishing to hear that there is a “continuation” of A Course in Miracles, but it is true. Forty years ago Jesus dictated ACIM to the scribe Helen Schucman. More recently, over three years, he similarly dictated A Course of Love. Jesus himself referred to what he was dictating as a “continuation of A Course in Miracles.” Students of ACIM will recognize the Voice. Students of truth, whatever their background, will find that ACOL resonates with the heart.

A Course of Love builds upon the same thought system as ACIM, yet it is a course for the heart. ACOL and ACIM work hand-in-hand. Yet remarkably, ACOL bypasses the mind. It uses thought to go beyond thought. Those yearning to access the heart’s knowing will find help here. This is your invitation to live the purposeful, meaningful life of the new—the reality of heaven on earth.

Why a new Course? Love cannot be taught.” It’s almost as simple as that.

ACOL says: “This is the only reason for this continuation of the coursework provided in A Course in Miracles. While you continue to put effort into learning what cannot be learned, as you continue to see yourself as a student seeking to acquire what you do not yet have, you cannot recognize the unity in which you exist . . .” (A.4)

ACOL says: “A Course in Miracles attempted to dislodge the ego-mind that has provided you with an identity that you but think you are. A Course of Love then followed in order to reveal to you who you truly are.” (T2:4.3)

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A Course of Love Daily Quote
From A Course of Love, T4:3.6 For every being there is a natural state of being that is joyful, effortless, and full of love. For every being existing in time there is also an unnatural state of being.


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Over a period of three years, Jesus dictated A Course of Love to Mari Perron in exactly the same manner as he had previously dictated A Course in Miracles to Helen Schucman in the late 1960s and early 70s. In his dictation, Jesus referred to Mari as the “first receiver,” explaining that each person reading it is also a receiver. He said: “Think not that to hear ‘directly’ from the Source is different from what you do here.”

Mari Perron, a devout Catholic living in St. Paul, Minnesota, discovered A Course in Miracles in 1996. Immediately she knew it was true, and read it seven times during the next two years. Then in 1997 she had a prophetic dream. She heard, “You can no longer sell your mind for money. Your mind now belongs to God.” After months of soul-searching she quit her job and wondered what to do next. Finally on December 1, 1998, after many months of uncertainty, she began to “hear” a Voice in her mind. The first words were: This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. The time for you to take it is now. You are ready and miracles are needed. (C:P.1)

“As soon as I heard the familiar voice of Jesus, not as I remembered it from my youth or the Bible, but as I remembered it from many readings of A Course in Miracles, I was awestruck by the task set before me. For the next three years, I dedicated myself to receiving the three books that combine to deliver this new message.”

For more information about Mari and how ACOL came to be, see The Story Behind the Book.

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