A Course of Love

A Course of Love, The Treatises of A Course of Love, and The Dialogues of A Course of Love, are a three book series of revealed writings on the nature of the self. The three books form one whole. They were written over a three-year period, in a process known as scribing.

The books of A Course Of Love are about a new way. From ACOL 26.13:

" Are you not simply ready to be done with the way things have been and to begin a new way? Are you not ready to listen to a new voice?"

Book I:
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Book II:
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Book III:
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A Course of Love is for all of us who are ready
to come home to who we are.

This site contains resources for those interested in exploring, and sharing, their true selves. The emphasis is on discovering who we are through the books of A Course of Love. Accepting the encouragement to a receptivity beyond that of the thinking mind, the books provide an encounter with Jesus and with our true selves. The central idea is of uniting our minds and hearts in wholeheartedness. Once united within ourselves, our depth and height opens up in a limitless and profound way that ends the division felt between our humanity and our spirit.

The Center for A Course of Love

The Center for A Course of Love has two missions, both of which are in support of our return to our true selves: Sharing the books of this course, and sharing who we are.

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A Course of Love
The Treatises of A Course Of Love
The Dialogues of A Course Of Love

Mari Perron

The Scribe
Mari Perron is the person who took the inner dictation from Jesus, and who physically wrote the books. She calls the process through which they were written receiving. As the creator of this site, Mari contributes her voice and vision in support of those taking up this process. (more)

The Tradition
A Course of Love follows in the tradition of A Course in Miracles, and was presented to Mari as a "new" course in miracles. It is a new course, for a new time. In a larger sense, it is of the prophetic tradition, a tradition that always speaks to a particular people in a particular time, and calls them out of complacency to newness.

The Message
Each of us has love at our center. When we live from that center, joining mind and heart, we can live truly, and can come to sustain the awareness that we are not separate. We exist in unity.

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